legislations gone wrong (assignment 4, task 2.1)

legislations and regulations are important in all scientific workplaces because without them, a lot can go wrong and accidents are more likely to occur without strict protocol.

one example of where an accident happened in a scientific workplace because of unfollowed legislations was in an animal health laboratory at he centre of a foot and mouth outbreak over 4 years ago. 2 incidents occurred when a beaker of foot and mouth disease leaked, but luckily did not leak into the environment. the second incident occurred when an incinerator burning cow carcasses leaked but it didn’t escape the incinerator room. both of these things happened  according to HSE inspectors because of breached legislations and the company had to update alot of their equipment including the incinerator and faculty members.

another incident occurred because of a breach of legislation when a lab tech at the university of California failed to wear a lab coat. handling a highly flammable liquid without a labcoat tuned disastrous when equipment failed and the synthetics of the jumper caught ablaze. this incident turned fatal and was completely avoidable if only these simple rules and regulations were followed.

my third example of what can go wrong when regulations and legislations aren’t followed is when the pentagon of the usa sent a bio weapon to up to 9 states. The department of us defence sent anthrax to 9 states and a us air base over in north Korea. this bioweapen can be fatal if untreated so the consequences of this mistake could have been deadly. the department stopped any shipments for safety reasons but only dead samples were supposed to be sent so they’re on hold until better safety regulations are put in place.

my last example of how lack of concern for regulations and legislations that lead to an accident is where a woman was killed in a laboratory after her hair got caught in a wood lathe. the autopsy showed death due to asphyxia from neck compression and could have been easily avoided if regulations were followed. the health and safety administration opened an investigation to see if the lab was following the health and safety regulations that should have prevented this accident as all hair below shoulder length should be tied up during use of machines in the lab.







Michele Dufault ’11 dies in Sterling Chemistry Laboratory accident




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